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Join Paul Barrie and Mouseketeer Greg as they spend a day at Disneyland, IN REAL TIME, with some of their friends... including Paul's son Calvin, Churro aficionado Bryn MacKinnon, Clinton from Comedy4cast, "My Disneyland Memories" host Magic Joe, WTTM European Host Michel Bouman and more...

A ONE-OF-A-KIND Podcast, this concept is unique to WindowtotheMagic and has not been duplicated anywhere else on the planet. Come with us, and lets spend a day at Disneyland!

Season 1 of WTTM24 was recorded live at Disneyland in January 2008 and was presented exclusively by

Season 2 of WTTM24 was recorded in 2012 and was sponsored by and their LINES apps for iPhone & Android Smartphones.

Season 3 of WTTM24 was recorded in 2016 and was sponsored by!!

Season 4 of WTTM24 was recorded LIVE at Disneyland on January 25th, 2020, is sponsored by Red Moose Travel at and will premiere in May 2020.

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Apr 24, 2008

Episode #9 of WTTM24 finds our Disneyland Adventurers leaving Disneyland for a walk thru Downtown Disney, and they discover something that is going to impact the entire balance of the day... What is it?  Find out on WTTM24 - HOUR #9 !!


WTTM24 is a production of and is...

Apr 17, 2008

Episode #8 of WTTM24 finds Paul and Greg (and the rest of the gang) still on the train, headed to Main Sreet USA to meet up with Tony from the "Above the Firehouse Podcast," but as fate would have it, time suddenly stands still and the adventurers need to work their way over a century into the past. Will they reach Tony...

Apr 10, 2008

Episode #7 of WTTM24 begins with Paul thinking that everyone but him and Tairy had gone off to ride Indy (clearly NOT the case) as he spends some quality time with his sweetie before she has to drive home to Vegas.  But where did the others ACTUALLY go? What is up with the two groups as they ricochet across the...

Apr 3, 2008

Episode #6 of WTTM24 finds our Disneyland Adventurers rocketing off to help the galactic alliance defeat the evil Emperor Zurg (who wins the saxmangeoff twitter challenge?) then we watch and listen to some trash and then part again for some spilt audio fun. What is next for our WTTM24 adventurers? Find out on WTTM24 -...