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Join Paul Barrie and Mouseketeer Greg as they spend a day at Disneyland, IN REAL TIME, with some of their friends... including Paul's son Calvin, Churro aficionado Bryn MacKinnon, Clinton from Comedy4cast, "My Disneyland Memories" host Magic Joe and more...

A ONE-OF-A-KIND Podcast, this concept is unique to WindowtotheMagic and has not been duplicated anywhere else on the planet. Come with us, and lets spend a day at Disneyland!

Season 1 of WTTM24 was recorded live at Disneyland in January 2008 and was presented exclusively by

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May 1, 2008

Episode #10 of WTTM24 finds the team at Storyteller Cafe for a quick meal before taking off into the parks again to continue their adventures.  However, a dark cloud was hanging over the team as they walked to dinner.  Will the weather take a turn for the worst, or will the team dodge a bullet and enjoy a night of mostly dry magic? Will the twitter messages and suggested topics keep the conversation lively?  And for heaven's sake... where is Jerm's food??  Find out in WTTM24 - HOUR #10!!



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